Web Development

Gain Control!

Developing Websites is one of Lunar Cow’s core services. From the beginning we work with you to outline the ideal site architecture and plan modules and functionality that will bring the greatest impact and value to your audience. In the Creative stages we present a range of looks for the new site and design all the Skins and Click-Thru-Processes for the website. Then the Functionality Team brings it all together in a fully-functional Prototype that can be presented to you for proofing, testing and to run pre-launch simulations.

During the Quality Assurance Stage we connect you with your CMS, or Content Management System. The Lunar Cow CMS is a proprietary application that was developed to make site maintenance as simple and powerful as possible.  It offers a broad foundation of primary services that are valuable to any website in any industry. These features include menu, page, file, form and Feature Stacker management. The CMS also seamlessly integrates all your custom modules too, into the same easy-to-use management system. With intuitive navigations and certified training classes facilitated by Lunar Cow, we will give you all the control and confidence you need to manage your Website experience once the site has Launched.

After Launch, we will continue to support your site with modifications, updates and the development of new functionality through a Site Maintenance Plan or an Agency Contract. We drive the right traffic to your site by deploying Email Marketing and we can maximize the power of your new website with ongoing Search Engine Optimization, Site Promotion and Pay-Per-Click Marketing.


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