Event Promotion

Make Your Special Event Truly Special!

The success of an event is not only in how it is planned, but also in how it is promoted. Our team sets out to make your event a “Must Attend Event” with your audience. We find ways to dial into what makes the event unique and compelling. Any event can be divided into three important parts; Pre-Event Promotion, Event Experience and Post Event Follow-Up.

During Pre-Event Promotion we create a calendar that identifies all the key steps related to promoting and managing your event. We create save-the-date reminders, e-vites and invitations to draw in your audience and direct them to a Special Event Microsite that communicates event details and builds schedule excitement. We offer convenient online RSVP for your audience and Guest List Management for you, to automatically track attendance, output a final guest list or close out the event once capacity is met. We offer teasers, updates and courtesy reminders to your guests to build the perfect amount of buzz leading up to your event.

We can contribute to the success of your Event Experience in many ways. From helping you find the perfect Event Promotion Giveaway to designing signage and event collateral that ensures your event comes together without a hitch. 

After the event, there is still work to be done with timely Post Event Follow-Up. Thank You Messaging shows your guests how much you appreciated their attendance and can be used to direct guests back to the Special Event Microsite that has been reloaded with new content and a complete summary of the event, along with a way to be updated on future events. Maybe you would like to offer a Guest Survey to help you learn ways to make the next event an even bigger success.

When it comes to events, we have you covered from PRE to POST and everything in between. Let us make your next event, truly legendary!

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