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Ben Harris

Title: President

Been Here Since: The Beginning; A Founding Partner

Departments: Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, Accounting & HR

Job Description: As with any small business owner, the duties of running a business focus on many facets including business development, business management, product development, accounting, collections, sales training, sales management, IT systems management, technology integration, lead generation, advertising sales, production management, janitorial service, air conditioning and refrigeration, dish washing, electrical wiring, software development, human resources and outsource management.

Bio: In an ever changing, multi-disciplined, process driven and people oriented destination marketing business, Benjamin Harris has excelled in both corporate and industry tourism and travel environments. He has extensive experience in a wide range of industries including Tourism, Education, Medical, Manufacturing, High Tech, Law and Marketing. This experience enables Benjamin to see things from a variety of angles while offering his clients creative and practical solutions to their business needs. Specializing in People and Processes in the Workplace, Benjamin works to get the most out of himself and others.

He works with functional groups, work teams and individuals, at every level within an organization including senior management to support staff members. Benjamin works with professional associations, businesses, non-profits and government agencies across the United States. He is well noted for his skill in large and small group process, including strategic planning, change management, IT, customer satisfaction, conflict resolution, process improvement and management training.

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